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    Quý vị chưa đăng nhập hoặc chưa đăng ký làm thành viên, vì vậy chưa thể tải được các tư liệu của Thư viện về máy tính của mình.
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    E.9_NW & Phrases_U1-5 with English meaning

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    Người gửi: Đỗ Văn Hữu (trang riêng)
    Ngày gửi: 01h:39' 13-11-2009
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    Số lượt tải: 28
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    NEW WORDS AND PHRASES of ENGLISH 9 (in E. meaning) for reference.
    (Source: Babylon English-English Dictionary) - Edited by dovanhuu@yahoo.com
    UNIT 1: A visit from a pen pal
    Pen pal friend living in a distant place with whom one keeps in contact by sending letters // Pal (v.) [pæl]: make friends with, mingle with, fraternize, chum // PAL (phase alternate line)  A standard for tv/video display which uses 625 scan lines per frame and twenty-five frames per second (popular in Europe and Australia)
    Unit (n.) [`juːnɪt]: specific quantity regarded as a standard; combination which acts a whole; piece; furniture; device, apparatus E.g. The Malaysia unit of currency [`kʌrənsɪ] (money; circulation; custom, prevalence) is the ringgit
    Instruction (n.) [ɪn`strʌkʃn}: teaching, education, training; direction, guidance
    Ado (n.) [ə`duː]: commotion (confusion), flurry (confuse), activity; excitement
    Kuala Lumpur: capital city of Malaysia (country located on the southeastern tip of Asia and on the northern coast of the island of Borneo)
    * Buddhism [`Bud·dhism || `bʊdɪzm]: nontheistic religion based on the quest for enlightenment through the subduing of all worldly passions and desires (founded by Buddha)
    Comprise (v.) [kəm`praɪz]: include; be composed of
    Compulsory (adj.) [com`pul·so·ry || -lsərɪ]: required, compelled
    Correspond (v.) [kɒrɪ`spɒnd]: exchange letters with another person / match; be parallel
    Depend (v.) [dɪ`pend]: rely on, trust; be dependent upon, be supported by
    Divide (v.) [dɪ`vaɪd]: separate into parts; apportion; part; separate; share
    Ethnic (adj.) [`eθnɪk]: of different racial and social groups; of people from different countries
    Federation (n.) [fedə`reɪʃn]: act of joining together; league, covenant; political unity formed by a number of separate states
    Friendliness (n.) [`fren(d)lɪnɪs]: quality of being friendly; kindliness, amiability, helpfulness
    Ghost (n.) [gəʊst]: spirit; phantom; shadow; hint, trace; ghost writer (Slang)
    Hinduism (n)  [`hɪnduːɪzəm]: main religion of India
    Impress (v) [ɪm`pres]: affect strongly; make an impression; emphasize; stamp, make a mark using pressure
    Islam [`ɪzlɑːm]: monotheistic religion based on the teachings of the prophet Mohammed which are written out in the Koran; body of Muslim believers, Muslims; Muslim world
    Mausoleum [‚mɔːsə`lɪəmlarge and imposing tomb; tomb of Mausolus (ancient Greek king of Caria)
    Mosque [mɑsk /mɒskMuslim house of prayer and worship
    Notice (v) [`nəʊtɪspay attention; observe, remark; discern, perceive – (n.): warning; attention, consideration; poster, sign; notification.
    Official (n.) [ə`fɪʃl]: formal, ceremonious; issued authoritatively; authorized; holding an office; of or relating to an office or position
    Pray (v.) [preɪ]: praise or appeal to God in words or thought; request, ask, make a petition, seek
    Primary (adj.) [`praɪmərɪ]: first, original; primeval, initial; principal, main, prime; basic, fundamental
    Puppet (n.) [`pʌpɪt]: marionette, doll that is manipulated by hands or strings; one whose actions
    are controlled by another.
    Region [`rɪːdʒənarea, territory, domain; field, area of activity or interest, sphere
    Religion (n.) [rɪ`lɪdʒən]: collection of beliefs concerning the origin of man and the universe, faith
    Separate (v.) [`sepəreɪtsegregate, set apart; split, divide; disconnect, detach; distinguish; partition; be taken apart, be set apart; be divided; withdraw – (adj.) detached, disconnected; distinct, different; set apart, divided, segregated; individual
    Soil (n.) [sɔɪluppermost part of the earth`s crust which consists of humus mixed with rocks and minerals; ground, earth, dirt; type of soil; land, country; place or condition conducive to growth; spot, stain; sewage; manure
    Tamil (n.): member of a Dravidian people living in Sri Lanka and India // Dravidian language spoken by the Tamil people
    Territory (n.) [`terɪtɔrɪ /-trɪarea under the jurisdiction of a state; region, district, zone, area, domain
    Tropical (adj.) [`trɑpɪkl /`trɒpertaining to or characteristic of the tropics (regions near the earth`s equator between parallels of latitude marking the summer and winter solstices); hot; concerning a trope (n.)figure of speech, any rhetorical device in which words are used not in accordance with their literal meaning; phrase interpolated into a text for purposes of emphasis (Literature)

    UNIT 2: Clothing
    Plaid (n.) [plæd]: colorful fabric with
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